From the desk of Principal

Today we are living in modern world where we have lots of facilities but no knowledge. we have all comforts  but no peace. Students are expected to compete globally but without proper guidance. So we aim for integrated learning programme in tune with international standard of excellence.

So it is a big challenge for schools to prepare students globally. Not only that students should be taught value education and moral lessons. Among the midst of so much of confusion, hassel and toil, students should learn relaxation therapy by meditation and yoga.

We, at school also aim to provide joyful, disciplined environment. Students should get equal opportunities to grow and develop and nurture their inborn talent and skill irrespective of caste, creed and religion.  We at school also give importance for health and hygiene of a child there by giving physical education to the child.

It is the responsibility of Principal and Teachers of the school to develop civic sense and contribute to the society by moulding the characters of the students at Umrigar school.

So our mission is to enable such a surrounding amongst the students where there is all round development of a child with moral and ethical values and be life long learners.

Mrs. Sonal Choksi